Meet Our Administrative Director

Poppy AJ Sorrels, RN, CNN, CLNC

Administrative Director

Poppy Sorrels - Administrative Director
Alice Jane Sorrels graduated from nursing school in Austin, Texas in 1969 and she immediately went to work in critical care where she worked for eight years, moving from a staff nurse position to a charge nurse position. Poppy started her experience in dialysis in 1982 in a research position for Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) under the direction of Jack W. Moncrief, MD, the physician attributed with its development. She quickly became acquainted with chronically ill dialysis patients as she realized that because their condition is chronic and primarily caused by other co-morbidities, they not only presented a healthcare challenge but an emotional one as well. Working with these patients has been a privilege as well as a blessing for many years.

Poppy continued her professional activities in the nephrology arena for the next many years, becoming a Certified Nephrology Nurse (CNN) in 1999. She consulted with manufacturers and legislators in promoting the use of CAPD in under-served areas and traveled extensively, educating the international nephrology community and promoting the utilization of CAPD She helped open several dialysis facilities for independent nephrologists as well as Large Dialysis Organizations (LDO) throughout the state of Texas. Poppy later launched her own business as a nephrology nurse consultant in 2003 and became a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant (CLNC) in 2007. Her business focused on consulting with the state licensing agency to assist and monitor dialysis facilities that had been found deficient in the standards and regulations for care of dialysis patients. She also consulted with medical case management departments of various insurance companies. Poppy looks forward to utilizing her gifts to assist in the important medical arena of nephrology and dialysis in Kenya, as part of her personal mission to “provide healing and wellness in the suffering and needy through advocacy, compassion, education, service and support”.