Meet Our Executive Director

Veronica Kabaki - Executive Director
Kijiji [Swahili word for village]International was founded in 2011 by Mrs. Veronica Kabaki . Veronica emigrated with her family into the United States in 1999. Having lived in the United States for 13 years she feels that God is calling her to go back to her Kenyan homeland and use the knowledge that she has learnt in America to help especially the poor people in Kenya.
Veronica graduated in 2009 from Laymans Bible College organized by Faith Christian Center where she is a member and serves in the Usher and Hostess Department. She has also worked for several American companies including health facilities and she has always admired the high quality healthcare that is available in the United States. It is not comparable to the poor healthcare situation in Kenya where most of the public hospitals are overcrowded, understaffed and lack basic medical technology.

Hundreds of renal failure patients continue to die in Kenya because either they do not have access to a dialysis clinic or they cannot afford to pay the high costs charged by the few available dialysis clinics in the country. Between 2010 and 2011, Veronica lost three close family members because they could not afford to continue paying for the high cost of dialysis treatments in Kenya. She decided to so start Kijiji International as a nonprofit organization with the goal of helping to stop unnecessary loss of life by providing high quality dialysis care especially to the poor in the underserved areas in Kenya.

The journey has just started. I kindly invite you to join me in the spirit of  Harambee [“together we can” in Swahili] to help that person out there who is desperate for a helping hand. As the Irish proverb says, “If everyone gives a thread, the poor man will have something to cover his back with.”

God bless you as you consider making a donation.

Mrs. Veronica Kabaki
Executive Director
Kijiji International