Partnership with Existing Hospitals

The goal of Kijiji International is to work collaboratively with interested Kenyan hospitals to bring high quality dialysis services as an added value to the existing hospital. The reason that we want to partner with different hospitals in Kenya is to help keep healthcare local, so that patients with renal failure will be able to dialyze closer to home without having to travel long distances for the same service.

We will bring in our own state-of-the-art dialysis machines, dialysis chairs, water purification units, medical supplies and the highest quality clinical staff and we will provide the highest standard of patient care to renal patients in the community.

The space needed at the existing hospital depends on the number of dialysis machines that the hospital needs with whether it is three, six, or twelve dialysis machines, etc. We plan to work with different hospitals on a first come first served basis. The dialysis operation will be managed and staffed by Kijiji International and it will run as a separate entity.